Coastal Romance

Coastal Romance

Allow us to make an exclusive reservation for you at Saleblu, in our sister hotel La Peschiera, just a short drive along the coast. Waves lap below the dining terrace, lantern light illuminates small fish that play in the shallows, the moon casts a silver glow over the inky sea. In the distance are the bobbing lights of the fishing boats, only this morning they will have brought their fresh catch to the kitchen door of Saleblu.

The menu is famed for its crudo, the Apulian sushi with violet shrimps, muscles and mollusks. Chef Vito loves preparing fish in any way, and he is always delighted to be asked by a guest for a favourite dish, be that a sea bass in Saleblu’s eponymous blue salt or baked with wine, capers, basil and tomatoes.


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