Historic Towns

Historic Towns

Ten-minute walk or cycle from Cala Ponte Hotel is the spectacular town of Polignano a Mare, perched on the edge of the cliffs it has stupendous views, especially for the high divers who fly off the cliffs in their world championships. Conversano is ten kilometres away, one of the many historic walled towns, with a beautiful cathedral approached through a polished limestone piazza. Monopoli is a ten-minute drive away, this is a charming fortified fishing town. The centerpiece is the 16th Century Charles V castle overlooking a delightful fishing harbour.

A little further inland is Alberobello with its streets of eccentrically styled trulli houses with conical rooftops. They have a fascinating architectural history, built to the wishes of a feudal count avoiding property taxes, these dry-stone constructions had a keystone above the front door which when removed reduced the home to a pile of rubble. By 1797 the peasants were fed up with 160 years of rebuilding their homes and revolted. Today more than 1,600 more permanent trulli line the meandering streets with many owners welcoming visitors inside for nothing more than a pride in the history.

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